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Company Introduction

Formed in 2001 Adage is a Gas Analytical total solution provider. We have achieved consistent and sustained growth by providing an unrivalled level of engineering excellence and unparallel customer services . Adage has, for past 18 years, developed its portfolio of products, solutions, services and resource to offer a diverse range of process analytical solutions to the cement production, solution for steel & metallurgical industries, oil & gas, chemicals, refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizers, gas utilities, power generation, emission monitoring, ambient monitoring,manufacturing and automotive industries.

We have continually invested in our facilities and infrastructure, at our head office & state of the art factory  in Goa, India . 


Adage have Technology tie up with Siemens for Process Analytics and is a certified Solution Partner by Siemens AG , Germany . The Regional Repair Centre associated with the Adage Factory is under 50:50 Joint Investment between Siemens AG and Adage India . 


The Core Team consists of people who have worked in senior positions within the Indian Gas Analytical & Instrumentation Industry domain . The family of Adage has the right blend of youth and experience. The vision of the company is not to achieve a particular sales target ……it is rather to achieve a particular level of customer confidence. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver all our projects on time, within budget and with unrivalled build quality whilst ensuring we operate in a safe and environmentally conscious way.


Adage offers complete project management services from conceptual design through design approval, project engineering, procurement activities, production delivery, testing and commissioning, site survey, site installation, handing over as well as after sales service and training. We offer a 24/7 technical helpline and call out facility to many of our customers.

The Indian Unit is under participation from outside India with foreign investments in the equity.The company is very proud with the kind of people who form the Team. The real movers & shakers of the organization are those young engineers who have joined the team later but have lent the real competitive edge. The expertise is lent by some of the senior members who have very long working experience in the Industry and gels with the exuberance of those who are young, energetic and enthusiastic.

With the Inauguration Day for the Unit 2 on 5th August 2022 ,  Adage is honored to announce the World’s Largest Gas Analytical System Integration facility with the combined capacity of Unit 1 + Unit 2 .


Adage Inauguration-28_edited.jpg
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