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Adage Automation Pvt. Limited & BACS LLC are glad to announce  partnership for Natural Gas Market in India. 

Samara, Russia and Goa, India :  July 2nd 2020 – Adage Automation Pvt. Limited (ADAGE ) and BACS LLC are pleased to announce an agreement making Adage exclusive partner of BACS products in India. 

BACS LLC is a Russia based global manufacturer of Explosion-proof process GC  ( Gas Chromatograph )  is designed for the continuous automatic measurement of the mole fraction of combustible natural gas (CNG) components in accordance with ISO 6974, followed by calculation of the component values ​​of the composition variables of the calorific value, relative and absolute density, compressibility factor and Wobbe index under ISO 6976. The analyzers include BTU /Wobbe Index & H2S measurement primarily into the Natural Gas Industry and also in the oil and gas, chemical & energy industries.

This partnership will have a great impact on current and prospective customers of BACS in the region. Customers can now purchase BACS products exclusively from Adage with the Adage Assurance that every installation is supported by Adage’s renowned & strong CSD team with dedicated vertical focus on Oil & Gas.

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