Process Analytical

Adage offers a comprehensive range of Gas Analytical solution for process optimization, product quality , safety.  Our world class products for process analytics includes continuous gas analyzers for  simpler stand alone application to complex solutions & from advanced application with Laser Analyzers to very complex analysis using Process Gas Chromatographs .

From a simple H2 purity measurment in a Power Plant to complex a Kiln Inlet system of a Cement Plant & from a simple Calorific Value analysis of NG or BF or Coke Oven gases to a complex Blast Furnace in-Burden/Above Burden , Top Gas , Converter Dry Gas measurement of a large Steel Plant... Adage have the field proven experience of  successful Installations .

Environmental Monitoring

Adage design and manufacture a range of advanced Process and Stack Gas Emissions  Monitoring Systems which coupled with advanced reporting systems, cost effectively fulfil the requirements of both Operators and Environmental Agencies to provide superb continuous emission monitoring solutions. The CEMS range is most comprehensive and follows the TUV and  US EPA design requirements .

More Analytical Products

AMETEK , UNION ,TETHYS , BACS... Click the link below


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