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Changing the Industry..

Adage is one of the fastest growing Total Gas Analytical Solution provider in the world with installations in Asia , South America , Africa , Middle East and Europe . 

Adage Automation Pvt Limited have 270+ strong workforce with 100+ trained service engineers . Adage is also the largest exporter from India for integrated Gas Analytical Solutions  & Services . 


The Company HQ and the Factory is located in Goa with offices spread across the country in Mumbai, Vadodara, Hazira, Dahej, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Jamshedpur & Vizag. The company overseas operations include offices in UAE & USA & KSA.


Adage has  been Awarded by the Industry Ministry –Govt of India in 2018 as one of the India’s Small Giants .


About Us..

Formed in 2001 Adage is a Gas Analytical total solution provider. We have achieved consistent and sustained growth by providing an unrivalled level of engineering excellence and unparalleled customer services .           


Adage have, for past 22 years, developed its portfolio of products, solutions, services and resource to offer the most diverse product portfolio in the process analytical & environmental solutions for the Refinery and Oil & Gas , the cement industry,  for steel & metallurgical industries, chemicals, & petrochemicals, fertilizers, gas utilities, power generation, emission monitoring, ambient monitoring and automotive industries.


We have continually invested in our facilities and infrastructure, with own offices in 4 countries  including16 cities in India and  built one of the World's Largest Gas Analytical  SI Factory in Goa, India . 


Adage have Technology tie up with various Leaders in the Gas Analytical domain  like Siemens , Ametek , Icon Scientific , Union , Teledyne , H2Scan , Air Optic and others . Adage is also a certified Solution Partner of Siemens AG , Germany . The Regional Repair Centre associated with the Adage Factory is under 50:50 Joint Investment between Siemens AG and Adage India . 


The Core Team consists of people who have worked in senior positions within the Indian Gas Analytical & Instrumentation Industry domain . The family of Adage has the right blend of youth and experience. The vision of the company is not to achieve a particular sales target ……it is rather to achieve the highest level of customer confidence on Adage's capability. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver all our projects on time, within budget and with unrivalled build quality whilst ensuring we operate in a safe and environmentally conscious way.


Adage offers complete project management services from conceptual design through pre-tender feed study,  design approval, detailed engineering, project management ,procurement activities, production , testing and commissioning, site survey, site installation, handing over as well as after sales service and training. We offer a 24/7 technical helpline and call out facility to many of our customers.

Adage is also  , one of the fastest growing Gas Analytical Company in the world with 25% CAGR over last 10 years and presently growing by 200% in every 2 years . 

With large project engineering capability , widest product portfolio and presence in multiple countries , Adage have an  Unique identity in the Global perspective for the Gas Analytical domain .


IMS Policy

Adage Automation Pvt Limited always strive to provide: 

  • Products that meet our customer expectations & exceeds. 

  • Effective  support  for  commissioning  and  after  Sales  Service  through  trained Engineers/Specialists. 

  • Enhance value of service through application engineering support on Adage products through  continual improvement  of  quality  management  system,  employee commitment in all processes and fair business practices.

  • We  are  committed  to  protect  the  occupational  Health  Safety  in  all  our departments/operations. 


Adage  Automation  Pvt  Limited identifies  & provides  to  its  customers the  most  valuable deliverable …… Trust.

Our  goal  is to  offer  to  our  Customers highest quality  of  products  & solutions with  the  most advanced  technology, backed  up by our strong  R&D  and endeavor towards Innovation.

Adage  also aims  to  provide  to the  business partners and investors unparalleled growth , to the fellow Adagians ....  the  most  satisfying experience  in  the work place …  which are Joy , Equality and the feeling of Ownership .


Adage will strive to become one of the most preferred company to work in & to work with for our customers, investors, business partners and the employees through continued focus in innovation and  R&D.

We aim to establish and nurture highest ethical value practices.

We will walk the extra mile to create an environment of happy people working together to make our customers Delighted. Adage will inspire & encourage its employees to be the best, the smartest and most dynamic dedicated team with fierce enthusiasm to serve our customers .

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