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Environmental Monitoring Solution 

CEMS  & AAQMS  & Effluent Monitoring

Adage have the most comprehensive range of Environmental Monitoring Solution with its focus on Environmental Sustainability for our Plant Earth . 

Adage have comprehensive range of product portfolio for each and every measurement requirement for CEMS including SOx/NOx/CO/CO2/HCL/NH3/HF/ SPM/H2O/Hg and stack gas flow measurement . The AAQMS is range is total with all gaseous components and Pm2.5 & PM10 . 

Adage have also the distinction of executing the World's Single Largest ever CEMS Project for 140+ stacks & 200+ analyzers with one of India's Largest corporate who are extremely sensitive about environmental responsibilities and demands the highest quality solutions  & continuous availability . 

Prefabricated Analyzer House, Safe Area Analyzer Shelter
AAQMS System, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems
Extractive Laser Analyzer Solutions
ADCEMS, CEMS, Continous Emission Monitoring, Analyzer Cabinet System
AAQMS Solutions, AAQMS Shelter

Adage has been one of the pioneers in the Industry for the Digitization and continuous on line real time data  recording and management system which complies to the guidelines of the authorities / Pollution Control board.


The System also features online encrypted data transmission to the authorities. The latest version includes the remote calibration feature in which the CEMS system can be remotely calibrated from the authority location/ CPCB.  The data is hosted in the cloud server and accessible to the customers and the PCB . 

The portfolio encompass every single component measured for the AAQMS and CEMS and Effluent Monitoring . 

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