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The RRC - Regional Repair Center is under a 50:50 investment between Siemens AG and Adage India . The  state of the art REPAIR AND CALIBRATION Centre is located at our Factory in Goa and is equipped with all world class equipment for Calibration, testing, repair and simulation trials. Our Repair and calibration lab operates as Service Hub catering to the entire Sub Continent.

Adage recognizes the value of your investment and the criticality of downtime, which is why we offer shipment directly from our Goa factory & spares depot for most in stock items. Whether it is a new or repaired part, rest assured that it is the genuine & original part from the OEM and backed by Adage's stringent  spare parts warranty standards .

R&D  - The Adage Focus

Adage invests heavily into R&D with dedicated infrastructure and world class simulation center . There are various new application and solution developments to meet the most challenging measurement . 


There are many patents and IP for new application solution which are preferred by the customers due to innovation and reliability . 

The investment into R&D versus the revenue is perhaps highest in the world amongst similar companies .


This is what make Adage Unique in the World . 

Kiln Inlet Analyzer System Retractable Probe Assembly
Extractive Laser Analyzer System
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