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Process Analytics

Adage offers the most comprehensive range of Gas Analytical Solution for process and quality optimization. Our world class products for process analytics include Field Proven Solutions with NDIR, Paramagnetic, FID, TCD, UV, CLD & TDLAS based Continuous Gas Analyzers & Process Gas Chromatographs & Mass Spectrometers and FTIR/FTNIR encompassing almost all kind of Industrial applications ...from stand alone systems to very complex solutions in Analyzer Shelters with HVAC.... The portfolio is Unmatched ! 

Cement Plant Solutions

Cement Plant Solutions

Kiln Inlet Application

Pre Heater Application

Pre Calciner Application

Fine Coal Bin Application

Coal Mill Inlet Application

Coal Mill Outlet Application

CMBF Application

Inert Gas Application

ESP Application

RABH Stack

Chemical Plant Solutions

Chemical Plant Solutions

Countless applications for all kind of Analyzers for Process efficiency Process Safety and Quality Control for Base, Fine & Special Chemical in Numerous processes and plants like Air Separation , Chlorine Production, Vinyl Chloride Plants, Pigments etc.

Steel Plant Solutions

Steel Plant Solutions

Blast Furnace Applications

HS Waste gas Application

LD Converter Applications

Sinter Plant Applications

Coke Oven Plant Application

Air Separation Plant Applications

Gas Mixing Station Applications

Emission Monitoring Systems

Fertilizer Plant Solutions

Fertilizer Plant Solutions

Various Solutions in Fertilizer Plant Applications in Ammonia Urea Plant, Complex Fertilizer Plant (DAP / NPK).

Power Plant Solutions

Power Plant solutions

Gas Monitoring In Turbo Generator 

Air Pre Heater Application

Coal Silo Applications

Custody Transfer Application

SCR Application

Emission Monitoring Systems

Oil & Gas Plant Solutions

Oil and Gas Plants

Applications in Upstream (Exploration) Downstream (Refining Hydrocarbon Processing) for Process efficiency , Process Safety & Quality Control.

Downstream Applications like Syngas Generation, Gas Processing, Petroleum refining, Petrochemical Processing.

Typical Sample Conditioning System Components

Analyzer Shelters & HVAC

Small to Large Analyzer Shelters including experience of building upto 20 meters with Ex 1 / Ex 2 own built HVAC

Sample Probe

The First Component of SCS where the system Taps into the Process Line

Enclosure with / without AC or Vortex Cooler

Based on Analyzer Requirements and Ambient conditions system may need to be placed in actively cooled enclosure.

Scavenging System

Based on dust load probes may be fitted with Filters, Scavenging system is required to keep these filters clean.

Gas Cooler

Used for removing moisture from Sample

Flow Monitors

To measure flow of sample gas to Analyzer.

Sample Lines (Heated/Non-Heated)

These lines transport sample from Tapping point to Analyzer System.

Dust / Moisture / Acid Removal Filters

Used for removal of residual dust / moisture / acid from sample before sample is fed to Analyzer.

Calibration Cylinders

Based on Analyzer type Cylinders are used for Verification / Calibration of Analyzer System.

An efficient Cement , Steel , Fertilizer , Oil & gas  production unit critically depends on energy efficiency in production processes and on securing a high product quality. Hereby, the co-­incineration of alternative fuels in substituting primary fuels is gaining more importance. Therefore it is necessary to continuously monitor the processes with analyzing systems , also in order to comply with the relevant emission limit values. Where safety is a criteria , proven solution is a must . On Provenness & Reliability ... ADAGE is  preferred for many customers .

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